The movies I, Personally and Very Subjectively I Enjoyed the Most

2020 was a pretty weird year. Like a million other things last year, our viewing habits were deeply impacted. How we watched movies, and even what we watched changed, or at least it did for me. But I’m willing…

A Singular Talent, Cooke Effortlessly Captured What Makes Comics Special.

Photo Credit: Darwyn Cooke/DC Entertainment

With an art style that’s both classic and timeless, Darwyn Cooke was one of the most influential creators in recent comic book history. His singular vision as an artist and writer made him stand out in the industry. Rather than…

So, Why Isn’t He a Household Name?

Photo Credit: Susan Skaar — Kirby Museum Website

In most cases, calling someone the king of anything would be hyperbole, but for Jack Kirby, it’s an understatement. He didn’t just create or co-create some of the most famous fictional characters of all time; he helped define the comic book medium’s visual…

Felix Quiñonez Jr.

Movies. TV. Comics. Video Games. Writer. Illustrator. Editor

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