The movies I, Personally and Very Subjectively I Enjoyed the Most

2020 was a pretty weird year. Like a million other things last year, our viewing habits were deeply impacted. How we watched movies, and even what we watched changed, or at least it did for me. But I’m willing to bet I wasn't the only one.

It’s been over a year since the last time I was in a movie theater. And I have no idea when I’ll be able to see a movie on the big screen again. Since then, there have been so many movies delayed that…

A Singular Talent, Cooke Effortlessly Captured What Makes Comics Special.

Photo Credit: Darwyn Cooke/DC Entertainment

With an art style that’s both classic and timeless, Darwyn Cooke was one of the most influential creators in recent comic book history. His singular vision as an artist and writer made him stand out in the industry. Rather than bringing superheroes down to earth through deconstruction, Cooke sought to remind us why we looked up to them in the first place.

Born on November 16, 1962, Darwyn Cooke first discovered comics as a child. However, he didn’t fall in love with the medium until he bought an issue of…

For Better or Worse, It Defined U2’s Latter-Day Career.

Photo Credit: Interscope

Released 20 years ago, All That You Can’t Leave Behind marked a return to form for U2, and it became one of the band’s most important records. After its previous album Pop, released in 1997, proved polarizing, fans were thrilled to see the band embracing its roots. More importantly, the album was a smashing success.

It could be argued that All That You Can’t Leave Behind was the right album at the right time. Although it was successful at its release, the attacks of 9/11 lent the songs an extra level…

So, Why Isn’t He a Household Name?

Photo Credit: Susan Skaar — Kirby Museum Website

In most cases, calling someone the king of anything would be hyperbole, but for Jack Kirby, it’s an understatement. He didn’t just create or co-create some of the most famous fictional characters of all time; he helped define the comic book medium’s visual language. The fruits of his labor can be seen in comics even decades after he passed away. His work shaped the movies that millions of people love and has influenced countless artists and writers who have become influential in the medium and popular culture.

A Nostalgic Look Back at the Iconic Series…Season 2

Photo Credit: WB

This season picks up right where the previous one left off; in the middle of a hurricane. While driving back home, Lana’s(Kristen Kreuk) truck gets pulled in. Fortunately for her, Clark (Tom Welling) found her in the nick of time. He’s able to save Lana and get her to the hospital but not without raising some questions. Even though it’s impossible, Lana’s sure that she saw Clark dive into the hurricane and pull her out.

Unfortunately for Clark, this is not something that he will be able to brush off. She…

They were Flawed But Shouldn’t be Written Off.

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment

If rumors are to be trusted, it seems that we are very close to getting something that just a few years ago wouldn’t have even qualified as a pipe dream, a live-action Spider-verse movie. It seems that Spider-Man 3, starring Tom Holland, could unite the three live-action, cinematic Spider-Men. (Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland)

For Spider-Man fans, that would be nothing short of a dream come true. But before that happens, I believe we are long overdue for a reappraisal of the Amazing Spider-Man films, starring Andrew Garfield.

What happens Now?

Photo Credit: Melinda Sue Gordon

It has been a strange year; there’s no way around it. Like just about everything else, the movie industry has been brought to a grinding halt. Movie theaters nationwide closed in March and haven’t been functioning at anything resembling full capacity since then. It’s hard to say if the industry will ever recover. During this time of uncertainty, there seemed to be one constant; Tenet. Christopher Nolan’s latest big-budget spectacle became the industry’s great hope. For a while, it seemed like everyone had all their hopes pinned to this movie.

While other studios pushed their releases into…

How Old Favorites Can Transport Us to the Past.

Photo by Myke Simon on Unsplash

Few things in life are as unifying as popular culture. It brings people together all over the world and even transcends language barriers. Because of that, it’s never “just” a movie or tv show, etc. These things become time capsules for periods of our lives. When we revisit them, they can transport us back to the days when we were younger.

Growing up, we all have certain shows or movies that shape who we are and, in one way or another, become a staple in our lives. We share them with…

Recap: Season 2, Episode 8- ‘What I Know’

Photo Credit: Amazon

It’s been an exciting, if flawed season, and we’ve now reached its thrilling conclusion. Not surprisingly, it was an episode filled to the brim so let’s get this show on the road. The episode mainly focused on Billy (Karl Urban) and The Boys’ attempts to rescue Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) from Homelander (Anthony Starr) and Stormfront’s (Aya Cash) captivity.

After learning that Homelander and Stormfront have Ryan, Billy hatches a plan to break him out. Unfortunately, this requires him to make a deal with Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito), the head of Vought. Billy knows…

A Look Back at Some of the Biggest Movie Rereleases.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Few movies have ever received as much attention as the soon to be released Justice League: The Snyder Cut. The fact that it will actually see the light of day is itself, a small miracle. For the longest time, it seemed like nothing but the collective wishful thinking of an obsessive fanbase. However, 2020 has been full of surprises, and Warner Bros. officially announced that HBO Max would release Zack Snyder’s cut of the film.

The Snyder Cut would almost have to be the cinematic equivalent of the second coming…

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